What is Optiontown.com and Upgrading Your Seat

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Recently, the bf – Adam – went on a trip to Ecuador flying on AeroMexico. The day he was departing, he told me he had upgraded 3 out of his 4 flights to business class for under $200!

He did this by using Optiontown.com

I had never heard of it before and now I learned that it allows you to upgrade your seat!

These are the airlines that the website supports:

Adria Airlines, Aeromexico, Air Baltic, Air Europa, Air India

Asia X Airlines, Corsair, Cyprus Air, Inselair, SAS, Vietnam Airlines

Optiontown.com also lets you find an empty seat, preferred seat, and pay if you have extra baggage.

Pretty sweet deal if you fly any of the airlines named above.

One iffy thing that Adam mentioned is that a business class seat might not always be available. If that is the case the day you’re flying, your money is refunded.

Now it has us thinking that we should fly Aeromexico more if we can, who wouldn’t want to pay cheap for business class?


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