Leaving the Polar Vortex and Planning Trips for Spring 2014

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Hi everyone who is experiencing the times of the Polar Vortex!

It has been a rough month in all of the USA and Canada, temperature wise. I even saw the Florida Keys had highs in the low 70’s yesterday. WTF?

I have spoken with several people this week about booking last minute getaways as well as planning trips for the spring time. Last minute deals are offered frequently on United.com, such as here. Travelzoo has great options too for last minute deals or ones coming up in the Spring here.

Blas Family Vacation 2009


Secondly, I heard of many coworkers who have lost their “time-off” / vacation time from last year. Some haven’t taken time off to vacation in months to come and are overworked. Seriously though, isn’t everyone in New York overworked? The simple answer- yes.

In preparing to ACTUALLY use your vacation time, you have all year to decide when you’re going away. The worst part is, time seems to get the better of us and we get caught up with everything happening around us. While I may be very attentive with what month it is and how much time I spread out in between vacations, you don’t need to have it down to a t.

Do something spontaneous. Book something last minute.

Book something months away just so you have it standing in your calendar.

No ifs, and, or buts. Once you put in your name, info, and that credit card information, press “Enter” and you’ll be set!