Winter Storm Delays – What to Do in Inclement Weather

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It is still winter and storms are coming that delay or fully cancel all the flights, trains, buses etc.

What do you do if your travel is being canceled during a winter storm?

My basic tips are:

1. Research the airlines/travel routes you are using beforehand to know how they have handled winter storms in the past

2. Speak with the agents for however you are traveling, and ask for a refund or easiest way for you to reschedule your trip. If you’re flexible, you might want to push your trip down another month or so.

3. Be polite, cursing and acting rude will only prolong the process and you may not get as much as you want.

In other words, these two travel bloggers have written great, detailed posts on what to do in such weather. They have been around for years and they know. Also, check out the article from Smart Travel for tips.

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