A Weekend Away in Clearwater Beach, Florida

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Yesterday, I was on the train and I spotted the annual advertisement for visiting the Clearwater and St. Petersburg area. It reminded me of my weekend getaway there in college, an idea by my friend who is also “Anjelica”. Notice she’s with a “J” and I’m with a “C”.

To the contest for a quick second – You can enter daily to win a trip, and they give out these contest every year!

Type in “INeedSun.com” or go to this link to enter daily until April 15th: http://www.visitstpeteclearwater.com/ineedsun The link will bring you to this below …


I had never heard of Clearwater Beach before, but in our sophomore year of college, my friend came up with the idea to take a quick flight down from NYC to Florida. She picked the flights, hotel, and presented it to me, I said yes!

This is now back in 2006 – eeek how time flies! So I automatically jumped to “Yes!” when she told me that the roundtrip airfar was only $126!! Do you see these kind of prices right now?

To get to Clearwater Beach, you have to fly into Tampa Airport on the west side of Florida. Renting a car is ideal because it is about a 40 minute drive from the airport.

Clearwater Beach is about 4 miles long, and it is one long strip of hotels, restaurants (primarily seafood) and nightlife. There is no entrance fee to the beaches which is great and the seafood was what you dream it should be. I had never seen such white sand before ever in my life. It was actually blinding every time I walked onto the beach.

The Florida Keys


Clearwater Beach is exactly what it is, a clear watered beach. I didn’t have a snorkel at the time, but you can see the bottom of your feet  and anything else that passed your feet.

I regretfully cannot recall which hotel I stayed at and am hunting down any pictures I may have of it from back then. Facebook existed, but the function of uploading pictures did not exist yet.

Frenchy’s Saltwater Grill I do remember – the best seafood place on the strip! I remember eating a shrimp and crab salad the day I arrived and going back again and again for more meals.

For underage readers (meaning you’re under 21 and cannot legally drink) the nightlife is strict on ID’s. If you go into a club and get banded for 21, they will be on the lookout to see if you get a drink in your hand and kick you out, as I witnessed.

If you’re looking for a South Beach atmosphere, go there. Clearwater Beach is much more relaxed and small as you see in the map above.