Exploring the Salt Mines in Wieliczka, Poland

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As a kid, I traveled to Poland every year to stay with my grandmother and be surrounded by aunts, uncles, and cousins.

One of our favorite day trips would be to Wieliczka, which is in the Krakow area. I would take the Tourist route – which involves walking up and down steps for about 3 kilometers. A Miner’s route is available if you want to learn how the miners “mined” and it requires physical activity. It gets super cold as you go underground so be prepared to wear sweaters and possibly scarves.


My most favorable memory was licking my finger, touching the walls, and licking my finger again to feel the salt. Salt is everywhere. You pick up a rock and it tastes like salt. It may sound dirty, but not down in the salt mines.

At one point, there is an old elevator to take – kind of creepy but cool.

There’s a cathedral in the salt mines that has been carved out. I personally don’t have that memory so I would like to go back now and re-experience it.


One thing that I wish would change, is that the mines are only open daily for tourists from April 1-October 31st. The other months are too cold and wintery weather gets in the way so they are only open on Saturdays for tours.

Have you made it to the salt mines of Wieliczka? Have you experienced any other salt mines of the world?