Faro, Portugal – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Faro

Faro is part of the Algarve Islands in Portugal. It may across as an unknown area of Portugal, but there are amazing islands off the southern coast! Faro makes up one of the five islands called the Algarve. It is small and located off the mainland  only 77.83 sq. miles.


How Do I Get There?

Flights can take you from Boston in 4.5 hours or less to Faro’s international airport. If you’re not coming through the Boston area, it will be easiest to fly into Lisbon and transfer then onto another flight. There is a high speed train that runs from Lisbon and gets you there in 2.5 hours. Renting a car is cheap, supposedly around 10 Euros per day and easy to arrange.


What is There to Do?

The Old City is the town off the harbor with cobblestone streets, and 18th century architecture. The Faro Archaeological Museum is an attraction as well as the Milreu which is a Roman estate which you can view for free. There’s many beach houses to stay in or rent out for a vacation. Praia de Faro is the closest beach off the airport. There’s many bars and shops “packed” into the island as described by many.

faro museum

Climate and When to Come Visit

Faro is one of the southern most areas of Portugal. Visiting in Summer season – June through September, is the best and warmest time. The island experiences weather of mid 50’s -low 60s in the winter time which is December through March which gets chilly.