Green Island, Australia – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Green Island

Green Island Australia


Green Island is one of the islands with accommodation located in the Great Barrier Reef system in Australia. It’s one of the closest and easiest islands to get to, and offers a resort you can stay at, unlike smaller cays. It is absolutely green and is a destination for staying right in clear, reef filled waters.

How Do I Get There?


Green Island is accessible by boat from the city of Cairns. The marinas there all have different boats that can transport you there or even take you for a day trip. The boat ride is about 45 minutes.

What is There to Do?


As a bucket list item, most of the tourists visit due to it’s location in the Great Barrier reef system. Green Island only formed itself about 6,000 years ago due to waves building the coral land. Water activites are the main things to do – scuba diving and snorkeling and swimming. The Green Island resort was built to allow visitors to stay overnight and have sunset dinners on the beach. The island is home to a rainforest in the hill of it and many species, nature walks are the next biggest attraction. There is a bar and restaurant in the resort and it only takes up 12% of the island; much is left to explore.

Climate and When to Come Visit

There is no bad time to visit the Great Barrier Reef. It rains much more in Cairns, the city located outside the reef and Green Island. Once outside of the mainland, the islands have a higher chance of sunshine and clearer skies. I visited the reef and passed Green Island in February and it was clear skies the whole 4 days.

Dry Season – June through October (with frequent showers)

Rainy Season – November through May (with high chance of tropical cyclones and monsoons)