Things You Usually Don’t Hear About Australia

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After a week long trip to Australia, I learned a lot of things there that you normally don’t come across when reading articles on Australia. I got to visit Sydney, Bondi Beach, Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding areas. Things I heard about the west coast of the country are not that different.

Early Evening Seaford Beach #Adelaide #Australia

Things You Usually Don’t Hear About:

– There’s no tipping…

– Because there’s no waitor service

– You have to go up to the bar or cashier to put in an order for food and drinks (majority of the time, maybe 2 restaurants I visited took my order)

– Imported beers are almost double the price

– Eggs and breakfast costs starting at $12 and up – they don’t have many chickens?

– Coffee begins at $6 on the norm – that’s black coffee, not flavored or anything special

– Seafood is cheap, especially prawns which start at $10 or $12!


– Everything is out there to get you – animals and stinging trees

– Crocodiles and deadly stinging jellyfish live in the pretty ocean waters


– You have to wear a blue man stinger suit for any water activities

– Most of the beach towns are dead unless you’re on a boat for a water activity or surfing

– You have to pay extra for a dive guide

– The Opera House in Sydney is not white at all like in the pictures. It’s beige from all the sun!

opera house

– The Sydney Zoo consists of only Australian animals. Taronga Zoo has all animals from the world.

– The airport shuttle in Sydney is not free – $5.50 per person

-There’s free WIFI at Sydney Airport – one of my fav discoveries!

-There’s lots of desert in the middle of the country and brush fires just like California.

– You drive on the left and there’s lots of reminders saying “Keep left” so it is easier to not drive on the wrong side of the road

– There’s some stereotypes and opinions of surfer towns being snotty – depends on who you ask.

Australia was definitely an experience, but with the lack of openly being able to swim in the beaches doesn’t entice me to return. I’m a total beach person so I would have to live on a boat on the reef to return. Sydney was great as a city, but the surrounding beaches are not tropical or warm.

boat livinf

Also as an American, I am used to going out to eat and be served. Australia should really adapt the waitor service and tipping so it makes sense to “go out to eat”.

If you’re visiting Australia, read this first so you know what to expect with these little, but big details!

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