What a Trip from NYC to Australia Looks Like

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Australia is a long trip from just about anywhere (except for the Kiwis aka New Zealanders). So how does the trip look like traveling from NYC? Take a look at my boarding passes – it’s a total of about 26 hours, including connection times and arriving at the airport 2 hours early. The time difference is a 16 hours forward jump in Australia from NYC. I’m still jet lagging.

I flew United both ways to Sydney, with connection in Cali. Delta offers nonstop flights in 22 hours length. I needed a break to stretch my legs.

sfo to syd

sfo to syd real

There’s no international outlet into Cairns except from Asia. So I had to fly a regional carrier, Jetstar, which is similar to a Spirit or Southwest Airlines. The prices are cheap, you pay extra per seat after you book, and you have to pay for luggage. Their carry-on space is so tiny you might as well just carry a purse. This added 3 additional hours of flight away from home.

syd to cairns

On the return flight, add the original 26 hours flown, plus 3 hours from Cairns (where the Great Barrier Reef is) and 2 hours at the airport for that – you get a whopping 3 flights home and 31 hours of travel.

Surprisingly,a  nonstop flight would not have been impossible. Keeping yourself entertained on the 16 hour flight from LAX or SFO was quite easy with 3 meals, and nonstop movies and TV – new stuff of course. It’s overnight too so everyone ends up passing out, or come prepared with a sleeping aide.

It’s Day4 after I have returned home, and I still feel like a fried egg. It doesn’t help that I work 2 jobs, did not skip out on my kickboxing class, and got home at 9pm the last three nights. I’m keeping the sick days for a future cause.

Now you know what a flight from NYC to Australia looks like. Flying across the globe it is!

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  1. I was still waking up so early over the weekend! although forcing myself back to sleep wasn’t too hard, have a safe flight and daydream of the next destination 🙂

  2. So know what you’re talking about! We are flying back from Brisbane today and have given in to the fact that we are facing a week of severe jet lag. It always seems worse heading back after a trip, don’t have the excitement to keep us going.

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