Hong Kong, China – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Hong Kong

Did you know Hong Kong was an island of China? Bet you didn’t. It’s huge just like overall China is. You won’t get through all of Hong Kong in any number of trips. It’s comprised of even more, smaller islands, but that will be another post.

How Do I Get There?

hong kong

Getting to Hong Long is super easy since there is a main international airport with numerous flights in and out all the time. Ferry and trains are options for those living in the mainland of China and other countries in Asia.

The flight is average 16 hour nonstop from NYC to Hong Kong.

What is There to Do?

Hong Kong Skyline


I can’t say everything there is to about what to do in Hong Kong, but here are some highlights. Go to The Peak and get a view of the city from the tower. Visit some shopping malls – they have Hollywood Blvd., Soho, and Admirals’ Pacific Place as some of their top choices. The Princes Building and HSBC building are two very known landmarks.

Chinese New Year always brings a festival in February.

For nature and other activities than sightseeing, you can visit the springs at Ten Feet Tall for bathing and spa treatments. The city of Macau is one of the oldest European settlements. There’s more than 10 beaches to visit on Hong Kong Island, from big waves to calm waters. St. Steven’s beach is  the main beach to go to and Cheung Chau Windsurf Beach offers for just that and small boats. There’s daily tours of the island to see more nature and towns.

stanley beach

Climate and When to Come Visit

Beware of typhoon season!

May through November marks the risk of typhoons (similarly to the hurricane season on the eastern USA and Caribbean coast)

The average temperature is in the 70’s otherwise. Winter, which is from December through February, temps can reach a low of 50 degrees Farenheit which isn’t that low!