The Post Vacation Sick Feeling

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How awful is it getting sick and depresssed after a vacation? I think I’m feeling the “sick” part of it now.

Everytime I come back from a trip, it’s like a sad, gloomy state that entire week after. I miss the sun, the freedom, and the life I had while being away.  It starts to fade as I jump back into work, but then it becomes worse as I work more!

Ah the craziness of it all. Why can’t I be on vacation forever?  I know I’d get bored ,but would I really? It’s fun to think about living in paradise forever.

For all of you who feel the same, what do you do to help it? I guess having another trip already planned after would make it easy, I usually don’t have that done though.

What I do when getting past the sick and depressed feeling:

Get lots of sleep!
Not call out the first day back to work – it would only prolong the pain!
Exercise the first or second day back from a trip
Try to flow back into a regular schedule
Put up pictures online as fast as possible
Reminisce all week and forever
Take an easy weekend to rest up

I realized much further trips away come with much longer recovery time. It’s not as easy getting back into work ad it was when I was a teenager! Well, back then I did not work so that’s probably why.

I can’t wait for this feeling to pass and to wake up, past 6am, and have my normal energy back!

Any type you got for getting back into the groove after a trip,  leave them here..thanks for reading.