How to See Houston and Galveston in a Weekend

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Houston – we got NO problem. That’s how I named my Facebook album and it’s true. Houston, Texas is great and I would gladly revisit.

I spent 3 days in Houston with my sister when I visited. It turned out to be a mid-week break, and not on a weekend, so I really got the feel of it when people were going to work, going out into the community, and the daytime. There was hardly any traffic during those hours and gotta say – the drivers were good!

Here’s my sample of how to spend 3 days in Houston, Texas and how I did it:

Day One

Venture out within your neighborhood. Houston has many! I stayed in Upper Kirby which is about a 10-15 minute drive into downtown and had a lot to do within footsteps of the Sheraton Hotel.

– Discover your hotel or accommodations

– Grab a dip at the pool, it’s usually warm enough to!

– Hop around the bars and restaurants. Get some Lone Star, the Texan beer

lone star


– Grab appetizers at different places or decide on a Mexican/Southern style venue. It’s Texas so you should try their foods while you’re there!

– Look for live music or bands to watch in the evening

– Food trucks offer crowds who love to party in the street

Day Two

With the sunny and hot weather, I decided to rent a car and go to Galveston Beach, about 45 minutes away. Rentals are around $35 per day if you book in advance.

– Grab the rental car for 24 hours so you can return it the next morning/afternoon

– Drive to the beach for swimming and lounging


– Walk past the sights, resorts, and beachfront restaurants

– Grab seafood on the beach, I went to Benno’s on The Bay and had a plate of crawfish

– Make USE of your rental car and drive around

– Visit the Moody Gardens – there are 3 pyramids – Rainforest, Discovery, and Aquarium. You can get discounted passes to all 3.


– Visit the Space Museum

Day Three

Before dropping off my rental car in the afternoon and flying back home, I spent the day in dowtown Houston. This is what I did and recommend you see.

– Go to the JP Morgan Chase skydeck tower for the city view


– Visit the Astros baseball stadium

– Grab a city map and walk through the parks and theater streets

– Visit museums and sightsee the arts. The Museum of Fine Arts is free admission on Thursdays.

– Shop for cowboy/cowgirl boots and clothing!

cowboy boots

Of course there is loads more to do than just this, but I was able to do this much with my time. A good way to prepare is to read on attractions online and download free guides if you’re crunched for time.

Everyone was so nice and welcoming – those Southerners. I can see why people enjoy living here.