Ios , Greece – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Ios

Ios is one of the Greek islands. For most of us New Yorkers, we hear about Mykonos, Santorini, and Athens. Well here is another one.

It’s considered a “party” island but still has the Greek culture with white buildings and gold beaches.

How Do I Get There?

ios map

Ios Island is reachable by boat or ship. There used to be a once weekly flight with AirSea Lines that no longer is in service.

By boat, you can grab a connection from Mykonos, Santorini, and 5 other islands.  There’s lots of ferries that run a few times per day, I would recommend going to the Lonely Planet’s guide to view all of the details here –

What is There to Do?

ios island

Partying is number one on this island and it continues that way. People are said to party until 8am. The main square is where all the bars are. At one bar, you have the chance to drink 7 shots to get a free t-shirt.

Cool fact – in late June, the Swedish Midsummer Party takes place. That means lots of partyers from Sweden and the rest of Europe come to this island for a fun time.

Beach wise, Mylopotas Beach is the most popular. All water activities are available here Chora is the main town on the island where you explore this Cycladic village. You can climb onto the top of the hills for island views. There is an old Byzantine castle you can visit called the Paleokastro.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Weather is always comfortable in Ios Island. The summer is dry and hot, and the other seasons are mildy cool. The temperatures remain between 60 and low 80’s max.