My Experience at the Utila Dive Fest

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I was scrollling through my Scuba magazine last March when I saw the coolest two page advertisment for the Utila Dive Fest. Where the hell is Utila and why have I not heard of it before? I gazed at the pictures of the hotels and their beach photos and quickly Googled it.

Utila is a Bay island and part of the Honduras. It’s located in the western Caribbean Sea – perfect for me to attend! And so I did.

The Dive Fest is held the last week of June and this is it’s 3rd coming year for the event. There’s games and activities held everyday, parties, special dives, and of course – lots of scuba divers! Boats go out all day everyday and anyone who loves a beach can come to this island for a party. Dive, eat, drink. Sleep, wake up and do it all over again. All the hotels are family owned, so you won’t find any brand or chains here. I stayed at the Pirate’s Bay Inn, associated with Captain Morgan’s Dive Centre. All the inns had great names and were located on the water with their own docks. The special thing about Pirate’s Bay Inn is that they have their own private beach and a wrap around dock so you can see the beach waking up.

Here’s some photos of the amazing water. I do have to say, the water is BETTER than the Great Barrier Reef. Much more clear and shallower reefs that are easier to reach.



Sky view of reefs


Private beach at Pirate’s Bay Inn


Nearby dock

utila clear


Step into the clear waters and dive on!



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