Overcoming the Fear of Beginning to Travel

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Fear. Some people say it’s not real, that it’s a made up thing. Does it really exist? I believe so, and I believe it can be overcome. When it comes to travel or planning travel, do you experience fear? Fear of actually going on a trip, of booking it, of pulling out that debit or credit card, of actually leaving your state or country? It appears that more women feel this way than you would think. Some people make it look so easy and they fly nonstop. But who knows, maybe they’re the ones that started out with a little insecurity, anxiety, and nervousness about taking a trip.

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Planning that first trip is big. Even if it’s a few hours away, it’s something so different and drastic from being home or your known neighborhoods. How can you prepare yourself to go on the trip that you want? Here’s some things that may help.

1. Realizing it IS possible

Parts of fear include thinking something is impossible, that there’s no way in or out. There is so much out in the world telling you that going on a trip is possible, even if you’re on a tight budget. The Internet does so much service to let us know of sales and planes are packed everyday. Think to yourself that going on a trip is a possibility that you can make happen. It is up to you.

2. Read and ask

Even if you don’t like to read, do it! You will find dozens of articles on how to travel safely, passport requirements, anything and everything you need to know. It’s not as confusing at you think. Once you get started reading, the information will come together quickly. Also, if you know others who have traveled, ask them any questions you may have.  Being more insightful will make you more comfortable

3. Meditate

Imagine yourself where you want to be and close your eyes. This will work!  Focus, turn off any noise or distractions, and place yourself where you want to be on your travels. Think of everything you want to do, see, and the happiness you feel from putting yourself into that place. Now if only that can be a reality and you’ll be smiling from that place you imagined. It will happen and that smile will be even better when you make it to your destination.