Turbulence and Anxiety On the Plane

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Anxiety and turbulence are both real things we experience. I have experienced anxiety on a plane in the past. Really? is what you ask, after I fly so much? Yes. It’s weird how it came about. I used to fly rarely as kid, and it was always on huge planes which turned out to be smooth rides. Once I began flying several times throughout the year and on small planes, I began to experience the monster – Turbulence.

I hate it, but I have learned to deal with it and now welcome it as a natural part of flying. When I first experienced it, I was on a flight from NYC to Mexico and my palms got all sweaty, my hands clenched to the armrest, and I stared forward thinking we were going to drop to the ground. It’s an awful feeling and I hated it whenever I would experience it. My bf and friends would see this in me and ask  if I were ok, which I say I am even though I’m nervous as all hell! But I’ve learned what to do with myself and knowledge of turbulence helped me get over it. This is now years after my anxiety experiences and I have been fully cured! I loved my 24 hour flight to Australia even when it go shaky. It feels more like a wonderful rollercoaster ride.

Some of us know we experience anxiety. Some of us experience it only with certain occasions – such as social speaking, performing, confrontations. Turbulence is one of those occasions and it’s more common than any of us can admit.

Here are some things to ease your anxiety if you experience it and hate turbulence:

Fact #1 – Turbulence can’t make a plane fall out of the sky

It’s scientific fact. A plane won’t just fall. The wings are made in such a way to ease turbulence and the engines are so strong..the plane will surely keep flying. They WILL withstand the force from the wings. Ever heard of a plane crashing because of turbulence? Let me know if you find one that has.

Fact #2 – Anti-anxiety medications do help and sometimes you can grow to get used to the turbulence.

I seeked out an anti-anxiety medication when I was overly anxious the second time I experience turbulence a few years ago. I didn’t want to feel this way and wanted to be normal like everyone else who was talking and having fun on the plane. I got prescribed the lowest dosage of Xanax and took half before boarding which helped me several times. On short flights (such as 2 hours) I would choose to skip the dosage and attempt to battle the anxiety caused from the turbulence. In the beginning it was hard, and I regretted not taking the Xanax. But after a few times, I learned that I can use certain coping skills to get through it, without taking a prescription medication. Those pills were not needed any longer!

Anxiety sucks, so let’s get rid of it, forever and together.