Kahoolawe, Hawaii – Island Talk Tuesday

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kdvandeventer / Pixabay
kdvandeventer / Pixabay

About Kahoolawe

Kahoolawe what? It’s in Hawaii! It is the smallest of the 8 islands, next to Maui, yet you probably have never heard of it. You can actually see the island from Maui, which is about 7 miles away. Lanai is 11 miles away. It’s main use was for bombing practice!

How Do I Get There?

Cruising is allowed, but it will only get you as close as within a 2 mile radius of the island. See the next paragraph below for why.

If you’re chosen to be allowed to go, you will take a ferry.

What is There to Do?

The island is controlled by the Kahoolawe Island Reserve Commission. It’s a very dry island, so you will experience very little rainfall here.

Discloser – The island is closed to the general public – it’s off-limits! But it is open to persons going for a specific cause/volunteers – subsistence fishing, spiritual activities, environmental restoration, historic preservation, and education. Sounds similar to Cuba right? About 25 people get ferried to the island per week.

It will  open to the public in the future, but it is taking years to clean up after the military and the bomb testing. There have been unexploded bombs found so Hawaii can’t send people to an unsafe place. Stepping on those would be a huge problem.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Kahoolawe gets very little rainfall. The rain rears off to the Maui’s Haleakalā Volcano. Any time is good to go and warm temperatures stay all the time!