How to Workout While on Vacation

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It’s hard to workout while you’re away. Trust me, I have tried it, and it’s almost impossible. You get caught up on the beach, drinking, having fun, eating out etc. And who wants to wake up early for a workout?


Here’s some motivation to get a workout or physical activity into your vacation time:

1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier or work out right before the shower

So you may not wake up to that alarm clock and sleep in like everyone else does on vacation. No biggie. As you’re getting ready, take a few minutes out to do some easy at-home exercises – jumping jacks, crunches, lungs, knee raises, anything you can do by yourself and mix it up.

2. Morning sex 

Ok so it may not burn off all that much but hey, why not?

It’ll waken you both up and get your metabolisms going. And yes, it does count.

3. Walk everyday for 1 hour – nature/city/wherever.

Even if you’re in the desert, you can take a walk for 1 hour. I love to walk on the sand along a beach because it’s tough, your feet dig in, and you can take dips in between. City walks or nature walks are awesome because you can do them yourself for free. Walking around does make good and easy exercise.

4. Cliffs and Interclines

If you’re going hiking, mountain climbing, or have up and down roads, take advantage. Inclines do burn more calories and make you break out in a sweat. Running up and down stairs will work too.

5. Check out the hotel activities or sign up for outdoor excursions.

If the only way to get you to do something active is to sign up for it, so be it. There’s always activities offered by resorts, hotels, and neighborhoods, such as snorkeling, dancing, yoga, surfing, zip-lining, climbing, swimming etc. See what is offered and do it. I rented an ATV for four hours and trust me, my arms and legs were sore as hell as well as my core as I kept steady on that vehicle. Doing a few laps in the pool can do more miracles than crunches also. Beach dances – hell yes. Easy, fun, do them even if you’re drunk!

On my last vacation, I was on my feet almost all day. I’m saying about 6 hours per day, walking, then some swimming, and some scuba diving.

Scuba I do for fun because I love it – but fun fact:

It burns up to 500-1000 calories per dive. I dive 2x in one day or more if I go, so yes I eat up afterwards!