The Lesser Antilles – Island Talk Tuesday

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About the Lesser Antilles

This is somewhat of a different Island Talk Tuesday, in which I introduce a new “set” of islands. The Lesser Antilles are a partly volcanic group of islands in the Eastern Caribbean Sea.  Some of the islands lie Windward, some Leeward. This just means that the Windward islands experienced wind blowing from east to west.

You can find all the  islands composed of the Lesser Antilles here:

How Do I Get There?

Numerous planes will take you to all the islands. Depending where you are coming from, you will need to transfer and take a layover. American Airlines flies to majority of the islands, if not all of them now! Caribbean Airlines will get you to the islands by transferring around easily when your starting point is already in the Caribbean.

What Is There to Do?

All the Caribbean islands offer the “island life”. Some major cities are great tourist spots for shopping and the “busy” life even a few minutes off the beach: San Juan, Ocho Rios, Oranjestad,  Rosaeu, Phillipsburg etc. Come for a vacation or to try out something different.

Climate and When to Come Visit

The Lesser Antilles are commonly hit by hurricanes during the months of September through October. The season begins in May when tropical storms are more common.

Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire are out of the hurricane zone which makes those months better times to catch sun on these three.

It’s low season from May – November on all islands so a perfect time to visit if you’re looking at cost, but take the risk of rain or cloudier days.