Choosing the Designated Driver on a Trip

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"Right car.. wrong owner?"

Taking a road trip or renting a car consists of choosing a designated driver on any trip. That may be yourself if you’re going solo by default. When with friends or a group, this is an important discussion to have among everyone.

If at all costs, try to take cabs, taxis, or public transportation to get around. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If everyone you are traveling with wants to drink, this is also the easiest solution.

If that’s not possible, and you really need to drive, here’s what to consider:

1. Discuss Time and Places Throughout the Trip

Decide when and where you will need to drive to. This will help you know if you can split trips among people and if driving is needed more often than you initially thought.

2. Deciding on the Driver

Discuss what would be easiest – tossing a coin, taking turns on different days, or choosing someone who will not want to drink. Sometimes not everyone wants to drink every single day of a vacation, which makes them the easy DD.

3. Back-ups

If something were to happen that the DD cannot drive or there’s any problems, make a back-up plan to know what you will do. A safe plan is to leave the car, take a cab, and go back for the car the next day when you sare safe and sober.

Remember, safety comes first! There’s too many awful stories of accidents and deaths and no one wants to get arrested when traveling for being under the influence.