Madura, Indonesia – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Madura

Madura is an island, part of Indonesia. It is located to the north east of the more known island of Java. Indonesia has over 1,000 islands alone so it is hard to know all of them. Madura is one of the poorest parts of Indonesia, and it’s become a destination for expats and others looking for the unknown. There’s many knit farming colonies on this island as the soil is too dry to have farms and produce.

How Do I Get There?


You can arrive a Madura through Surabaya, which is the second largest city in all of Indonesia.  The Suramadu bridge connects to Madura from the city. Bali is more to the east.

You can take flights from Singapore or Jakarta to arrive more easily into the city. Jakarta is a main arrival city and you can take public transportation from there if you want to explore more of the country.

What is There to Do?


Madura offers a mix of island life and wilderness. It is popular for scuba diving, trekking, hiking, motorbiking,and ATV-ing. There are quite a number of colonial buildings to visit.

The Karapan Sapi, or bull race, is held every September to watch the bulls run and fest the nights away.

Tha Kangean Islands are about 30 feet off the island which offer an extra excursion opportunity/

Climate and When to Come Visit

Madura is a very hot island! Due to it’s dry soil, it does not get much rain. Be prepared to wear lots of SPF and hydrate. It’s VERY HOT all the time.