How to Take a Quick Getaway to Niagara Falls, Canada from NYC

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I have toiling my thumbs over a weekend getaway. Canada keeps coming up in my head because I have not been there in years and it’s several hours away. Several long hours, but do-able.  Montreal and Niagara Falls are the two cities that I am considering taking a weekend away to. After the winter weather ends, I don’t want to go from spring back into winter.

I found two great options that are available to New Yorkers if you don’t want to take the 7-8-10 hour drive – yes the border can take a while. Flights are around $500-600 for 1 hour away which is very pricey for a close location.

Niagara Falls

There’s an option to do a 2 day getaway via Take Tours to Niagara Falls. The bus leaves either Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday morning. There are some Friday departures. This is bank for your buck. It’s around $120-200 which includes the 1 night hotel stay. Sometimes a hotel costs only that. The price for some extra expeditions is of course, extra.

Viator offers day trips by air for around $500 if you can spend that much. This is for 1 day only.

A solo way to do it – grab a train ticket through Amtrack or a bus ticket at Port Authority and stay in your own hotel. No tour guides included.

Canada would be a great weekend away in the summer, although I hear the traffic gets gnarly. If someone poses a problem (even outside your transportation vehicle) by the border, everything moves slow.

It’s something to consider!

Would you drive to Canada?

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