Charles River and More in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Taking a little trip to Massachusetts might be just what you need in time for spring and summer. Getting out of NY, you can take the 4-5 hour car ride or hop on Amtrak as you sit back on the train.

Massachusetts has a lot in store for New Yorkers.  Red Sox haters, who cares? It’s a fun state. Boston is the place most people think of or Martha’s Vineyard, but I personally enjoy Cambridge more. Cambridge is more down to earth, lively crowd, active people walking around, and less of the business crowd. Plus, I like the overall vibe in the air in Cambridge with the university students and locals going out around town.

Here’s some things and places you can visit when in Cambridge:

The Universities and Colleges


I spent a day walking around all the campuses, in and out of buildings. There’s more than 10! You can give yourself your own tours and engage with the other students or try to watch a class if you can! The libraries are a cool sight, especially at Harvard Law School.

Charles River

charles river

This is the river that is about 20 minutes walking distance from the city center. There’s always sports going on, vendors, food markets, rowing competitions going on. You can see downtown Boston from certain points and just lay out.

The Streets


Walking around is easy in itself. You will come across all kinds of restaurants, bars, live music events, and performances on the streets. The streets are entertainment themselves. Biking and jogging around is easy and you get to see the sights. No huge skyscrapers, but nice colonial houses and older buildings with history to view.

Next time you go to Massachusetts, take a trip to Cambridge and see what you think.