Road Trip to Ocean City, Maryland

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For New Yonkers  and lots of the North East,  Maryland has become a destination for a quick weekend,  or full week getaway. Ocean City is the “to-go”  place which many continue to return to.

About 5-6 hours drive from NYC, it’s  worth the drive to this little state. The trick to making it a short drive,  is to leave and pass New Jersey during no  rush hours.  Then you’re land free!

Crossing into Delaware and over the bridges already provides a new scenery of relaxation and untouched nature. Small, low houses or pastures of green and forest surround the areas before you get to the city on the ocean.

View From Living Room Three


Ocean City  is similarly layed out like NYC.  It is a small island with the streets numbered from lowest to highest. There’s all kinds of hotels, inns,  and resorts lining the beaches and city. At the North tip,  there’s  the marina with restaurants and boats, amusement park, and all the activities you can think of.

One of the best things to do and have in Ocean  City is the seafood.  It’s fresh catch! There is enough for everyone  and too many restaurants to choose from.

A famous  bar and club at night is called Seacrets, which offers seating in the ocean. It gets booked quick for its hotel rooms, and tables day and night  so making  a reservation is key.


The water is clean,  warm,  and fun. Summer is the best time to go.  Shoulder season during September  and October is less expensive and the air and water will remain warm.

Some stop throughs you can make on your road trip are Baltimore,  Annapolis   and Washington  DC. All are nearby as well as Delaware beaches.