Olib, Croatia – Island Talk Tuesday

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Olib u daljini

About Olib

Olib is an island in Croatia, off the coast of northern Dalmatia and east of Silba Island.  The Romans had first settled in and it continues to have many of it’s ancient ruins for others to see.

How Do I Get There?

First you have to get to Croatia and to one of the other islands – might as well island hop to get to this destination! The island is accessible by boat from the island of Zadar. The ferry runs via Silba and Premuda as well. The trip is about 2 hours.

What is There to Do?

olib church

Olib is also the name of the main town on the island. The island has Roman ruins for sightseeing but is also known for wines and cheese. It is a small island for easy living – most of the residents catch rain water!

See the Tower Kastel as it as built for protection from pirates. There are five churches to visit  – the Parish Church Assumption of Mary is a famous one – and many cute bunnies running around.

Beaches and resting is the main goal of this island if you’re not walking around enjoying the sites.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Olib and Croatia overall have many of summer usually, from May to October. The seas bring the warm weather. In the winter, their lows drop in the 50’s which is still comfortable.