Paradise Like Casinos for the Girls in Las Vegas!

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On my trip to Vegas, I did the Las Vegas Blvd. tour of walking in and out of the casinos up and down the block. It’s a great way to visit them all and take a quick gander before deciding where you want to go for the night. We all know Caesars, MGM, the Bellagio, but which casinos are more girly with a feminine flavor? Here’s the ones I stepped into which would be perfect for a girls’ weekend!

The Cosmopolitan – The name says it all and it screams girly. All the pink and crystals makes me feel like I’m in a super Swarovski store.


The Flamingo – Pink can go further than clothes! Eat and drink by these lovely animals as they walk around free by the fountains and water sculptures – all night!

The Flamingo

Photo via Flickr

Palms Casino – Palm trees are not specific for genders but a Barbie Suite is! Did not stay here, but looks pretty sweet doesn’t it?

barbie suite


Do you have other recommendations for a girly suite in Vegas?