Pleasure Island, Florida – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Pleasure Island


Pleasure Island entrance

Pleasure Island is one of the best adult known islands in Walt Disney World In Orlando, Florida. It used to be the “downtown” part filled with clubs until 2008 when they all closed. The island continues to have the restaurants and beverages locations open.

How Do I Get There?

Get to Pleasure Island by plane or by car if you’re in the US. Fly into Kissimmee Airport or Orlando Airport and it puts you 30 minutes away to Disney and Pleasure Island.

What Is There to Do?

pleasure island 2

Walt Disney World says it all but specifically for this island – this is where the adults continue to go. Although the clubs were closed down to “change it’s vision and open it up to families”, that really hasn’t occurred.

There is a crab house and Planet Hollywood which are two of the most looked forward to spots.

Everything is mainly open until 2am, including movie theatres and the promenade.

AMC theatres and Disney Quest are closed until Fall 2014.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Florida has a year –round subtropical climate. Orlando does get cooler than Miami and the Keys in the winter which is January through March, so bring warmer cl