Is Scuba Diving Too Rough in Laguna Beach?

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For scuba divers, we love to find any spots we can explore. When I went to California last year, I knew I was going to stop by Laguna Beach on my way down to San Diego. I had read the water is much more clear there and that scuba diving, as well as snorkeling, is possible!

There are four main spots for diving – Shaw’s Cove, Crescent Bay, Fisherman’s Cove, and Divers’ Cove. Laguna Beach’s waves are more known for surfers and are recommended for divers when they are on the calmer side. I was on my way to wedding that day so I knew I couldn’t go diving, but I had my mask and snorkel in hand.

laguna beach

I arrived at Shaw’s Cove and what happened next is that I couldn’t get fully into the water! Sure I got knee deep, but the waves kept knocking me over. Without getting over the waves, I could not see anything underwater and I was not deep enough anyway. I saw other divers go in and they really had to push through the rough waters.

laguna surge

I turned around and enjoyed myself on the sand instead. I talked to some local divers who came out of the waters. They confirmed that it was very rough to get in as it usually is, but once you get over the waves, you can descend. I’m happy I didn’t take my chance as going snorkeling with flippers didn’t help me. You need the whole attire so you can swim with more force against the waters.

Laguna Beach Sports is the fully equipped dive center at Laguna Beach which does take divers out on boats in nearby locations. They also post the surf and surge conditions throughout the day. Unless you’re feeling frisky and want to waste more energy getting in from the beach, I wouldn’t recommend it.