Islands with a Q – Island Talk Tuesday

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Are there any islands with a “Q”? Some actually!

Lavender Capital Letter Q (College Park, MD)


For this weeks’ Island Talk Tuesday, I am providing a list of islands that I pulled up from the Internet and some links to islands we definitely have NEVER heard of:

Qabre Nakhoda, Iran

Qaruh, Kuwait

Qeshm, Iran

Quadra, Canada

Quail, New Zealand

Quarry, Canada

Queneska, Vermont

Query, Antarctica

Most of these are small pieces of land with no peoples or vegetation. You can google them and find them on a map.

These three below are a different story:

Quilaluia, Mozambique: This island is private island available for luxury retreats in its’ villas, no price quote available so luxury adds in a price tag to what it may be –

Quisiva, Mozambique: Also a private island but with ownership options!

Quoin, Australia: This one’s a private 12-acre land for sale. You can inquire here if you’re interested!


Who knew such great places with a “Q” existed? Have you heard of any of these?