5 Interesting Facts About Poland’s Culture

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Being Polish myself, I always share fun facts about my culture with friends and family. It’s about time I share these with you about Poland, whether you have or have not been yet. Poland only has a northern coast that reaches the Baltic Sea. I am from the other end of the country so I have never been.

Even so, take part in the culture when you plan a visit and you can find these near the north coast too!

Lots of Castles


There are many castles to visit everywhere in Poland! There are 16 main castles open to the public for visitation and many more that are partially standing from surviving the wars. Visiting almost every year, even my family members, we continue to visit the castles as a weekend activity and way to endulge in our history.

Weddings are Three Days Long

polish pig

If you’re ever attending a wedding in Poland, take a week off from work! The wedding reception will usually begin around 4/5pm and last until 7am the first day. The second day is “poprawiny” which is sort of a “make-up” day from partying so much the day before. The third day is a brunch to end the festivities.

Plus, you’ll eat multiple meals throughout the first night – don’t be surprised to be a big animal on a plate at 3am. This one came out with a tiara and fireworks at my cousins’ wedding!

Zubrowka Vodka


Zubrowka vodka is bison grass vodka and it is a Polish specialty!  It has been made since the 16th century and continues ’till this day. The grass is taken from nearby forests in Poland.

Edible Mushrooms


Mushroom hunting is popular and I used to hunt 4x per week when I spent my summers in Poland! Sometimes even 7 days per week since I had 3 forests within my distance.

You can make a sauce out of them, a soup, or mix them into any meal. They grow in forests so they’re not hard to find and if it’s a rainy season, expect more of them.

Cheap Drinks and Money



The currency of a US dollar to Polish zloty (gold) is about $1 – 3 zloty. Poland is not on the Euro yet which makes it a budget friendly country. Throughout visiting Poland since I was 3 years old to stay with family, I have witnessed the price of alcohol always remains super low. Going out to bars and clubs is very inexpensive! Of course there are luxury spots, but the Polish like to drink and it’s a big part of the culture. Magazines, gas, ice cream will even be more expensive. The alcohol will always stay affordable for everyone!

I’ve been to Poland 14 times, spending usually 2 months at a time. There’s so much more to do on the touristy track so look out for a future post on that soon!

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  1. Woow…pork on the table looks delicious. In Croatia we have as well long lasting weeding but not for 3 days. Is it possible to survive it with all alcohol?

  2. I love these insider’s tips. Never knew you can make a vodka out of the grass?! It would be interesting to attend a Polish wedding – who would mind 3 days of partying with lots of homemade food 🙂

    1. Thanks Frank! I’ve been to a few weddings and they are a blast – USA weddings can’t beat these

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