Saba – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Saba


Simon / Pixabay
Simon / Pixabay

Saba is an island very unknown to most in.. the Caribbean! It’s very remote and known well for ecotourism and a quiet vacation away.  Owned by the Netherlands, it’s actually their highest point due to the volcanoes on the island.

How Do I Get There?

Saba is located in the water inbetween St. Maarten, St. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean Sea.

You can take a 12 minute flight from St. Maarten! Or, for folk internationally, you still have to go to St. Maarten for your connection to Saba. There’s 5 flights daily as well as two different ferries that can take you to the island.

What is There to Do?

Ecotourism is key on this island. Protect nature and not destroying the land is important to preserve such an untouched place.


Mt. Scenery is a volcano that is open to the public to climb – be aware it’s potentially still active! If you’re not up for it, do other hiking trails further from the volcano.

Visit the Bottom – which is the capital and 3 other neighboring towns which are all close and similar with restaurants and fun Caribbean life.

Scuba diving is an upcoming sport here as divers are beginning to learn of this island.

There’s no shortage of French and Caribbean foods on the island. It’s super easy to find a place to relax in peace!

Climate and When to Come Visit

Saba is in the route of hurricanes so May- November poses a potential for harsher, rainier weather. December – April is peak season to go with more clear skies!

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  1. I would love to visit this island one day! Adding it to my bucket list. How much a day would I approximately spend here?

    1. It would be about $100 or more to be safe per day. The food there and everything is more expensive than St. Maarten and St. Martin. Accommodations go for $50-$110. The people there actually sometimes ferry over to shop in St. Maarten!

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