Taiwan – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Taiwan

Nemo / Pixabay

Most people think of Taiwan as it’s own country, when it’s really the Republic of China and a state in East Asia.  It’s an island located north of the Philippines and west of Japan. It’s shaped like a sweet potato!

How Do I Get There?

Taiwan is easily accessible by international flights. Delta, American, and United are the American carriers that fly there along with many other Asian airlines.

It takes about 15 hours – 18 hours flying time to get there from NYC.

Make sure you have 2 free pages in your passport for stamps as you enter and exit Taiwan.

What is There to Do?

sharonang / Pixabay

Some major attractions of Taiwan include nature, national parks, shopping, and visiting the religious temples. The city of Taipei is the most known city to most to visit.

The Sandioling Waterfall trail is about 30 meters high and great to hike around it. You can only see it from afar unfortunately.

You can also visit the sugar factory, National Museum, and walk along the neighborhoods to chat with local business men and visit the markets.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Taiwan has an average temperature of about 80 degrees Farenheit year-round. The typhoon season is July-October and Taiwan has 4 typhoons on average per year. Use caution if you visit during these months and check the weather regularly.