Renting a Boat at Lake Travis, Texas

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About a half hour outside of Austin, Texas lies Lake Travis – the longest of the six lakes in Texas. Perfect for anyone to get out of the downtown area for a day. You may bring your own boat or rent one – I and the girls made it a perfect opportunity for a day out on a bachelorette party!

Lake Travis has it all for everyone: clean water, boats, waves, fishing, booze, and parties!

Renting a boat was easy …a little too easy.

lake travis

All you need is 1 person who claims they “know” how to drive a boat and they get the lecture of what to do and how to use caution on the lake. There are cops that patrol the lake, although I did not see any! It was so easy to get a boat and beer.  There’s a store right inside the rental place selling 30 packs of beers.

Beware: Many boats tend to speed and create waves that are unsafe for the others. We dipped the boat and almost died!

For a small boat and about 10 girls, the cost came out to be around $20 per person and that gave us 2 hours of boating around. This the shop at the entrance of the lake when you come up from Austin. There are other rental shops nearby but we did not look much into them, we went on a hunch!

lake travis 2

I totally recommend it but highly recommend watching out for the crazy boaters who are not considerate of others. Patrollers are needed for them and we never got bothered since we sailed calmly.