How To Get Out Of NYC For Memorial Day Weekend

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Memorial Day weekend is right about here,  or has arrived for the ones who took this whole week off!

If you’re still deciding on plans and don’t want to be stuck in the city, here’s some places nearby that are a quick car or train ride away!

Long Island

BurningWell / Pixabay

Don’t forget, Staten Island is a borough of NYC, not Long Island. The LIRR can take you many places if you don’t want to drive. If driving,  leave before 10am to avoid the traffic especially if you’re headed to a beach.

There are trains from Grand Central to Long Beach, the Hamptons, and Montauk. Anything in between take your pick or go for a ride to the vineyards if sand and sun isn’t your thing.

New Jersey

BruceEmmerling / Pixabay

The Shore is where I’m headed and even though I have it easier with a family member having a beach house, you can go as well! From NYC, it’s about a 2 hour ride and traffic doesnt start until 12 noonish on Saturday.

Hoboken is a quick 15 minute ride from Manhattan on the Path train where you can bar hop, have a choice of many restaurants,  and check out the piers.


moviemax / Pixabay

Taking the Metro North train or driving can get you to anothet nearby city for a change or Mystic Beach which is a seaside town with lots of small inns and seafood!

Check if there’s any concerts going on in Hartford or live bands and get a last minute ticket.


Hans / Pixabay

Poconos are common to go to throughout the summer. If that’s not an option and you want to save money,  go to Dutch Springs for the day, or the night too. You can swim in the clear water quarry, enjoy the water park, scuba dive or snorkel and pitch a tent for the night. You can’t openly drink but everyone does so in their tent or discreetly.

Camping Anywhere!

It’s a very budget friendly activity, it’s fun,  and you can meet others doing the same if you find a small campground.  If tents and dirt are not attractive,  find a cabin in the woods so you can stay clean yet still enjoy the outdoors.There are campgrounds all around NYC starting about 1 hour out.


If you haven’t tried it or done it in a while, go for it. Find a fishing trip for the day and bring booze because most likely everyone will be drinking as they’re waiting to catch their “catch”.

Shopping and The Outlets

Many people do leave for the outdoors but there will remain sales in the stores. Take the opportunity to shop around and go to the Long Island, Jersey, or Woodbury Commons outlets for super sales.

Happy Memorial Day weekend and may you have a great time wherever you are!