How To Write An Airline Complaint Letter

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How many of you have complained to airlines? I certainly have.

There’s a correct way to do it if you want a certain response – money back or miles/points. Bitching them out will only get you an apology.

I’ve complained two times and received money back and miles to use. When an airline attendant held me up, not understanding I needed to print my boarding pass only and not check in my bag, she made me late and I was stuck in Ireland for another full day. I got that leg of the trip back – $280. When my TV didn’t work on another airline, I received 10k miles towards my account.

Here’s how you have to do it:

– Introduce yourself and if you’re a frequent flyer include your number.

– State the date of the flight, flight number and seat number. Ticket number too which is why I always keep my boarding pass.

-Get straight to the point of your complaint in a few sentences. Try five sentences max.

-Be direct when writing what occurred, use good grammar, and be polite. I always say ” I enjoy flying your airline often, however on this flight #xyz, the following occurred and disrupted my flight”.

-Tell the airline exactly how you want to be compensated.  Inform them whether you want allowances for your flight to be used on a future flight with them, or miles to be added to your account for the hardship.  Be conscious of what is fare to ask. They won’t give you cash, but a voucher to use.

For example on fareness, don’t ask for $300 if you had a problem on the return flight and your roundtrip flight only cost $450. Do the math.

-Attach pictures of any proof you have – such as tv not working, broken tray, being spilled on whatever can be caught on camera.

– Thank them at the end and mention you want to be a continued customer. Don’t attack them saying you won’t ever fly them again – it won’t get you anywhere and you’ll sound like an asshole.

All airlines have a complaint form which is usually on their Customer service or Contact page online. If you have trouble finding it, google “(airline’s name)  complaint form”  and the link will come up.

There have been true stories of people having their frequent flyer accounts closed due to complaining too much. There’s a record of everything so don’t try to play the system or it will backfire.

Happy flying!