Vancouver Island, Canada – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Vancouver Island

werner22brigitte / Pixabay

Vancouver Island is located at the west end of Canada, not far from Seattle. The city of Vancouver is located on the mainland but it’s just across the water, the island has tons to do in this Canadian area known as the “best” of the country.

How Do I Get There?

Vancouver is the easiest to reach by flight, either direct internationally or with a connection via Seattle or Portland, Oregon. Driving from the west coast of the USA makes it a fun road trip. Flight time from NYC to Vancouver is about 5.5 – 6 hours. You can ferry in also from British Colombia or Washington state.

What is There to Do?


There is so much to mention to do on Vancouver Island, people go on and on whoever I know has visited. The beaches are clear and great for surfing. You can hike around the  forests, see the Butchart Gardens, and see wildlife if you’re a nature buff. Or, enjoy the city and spend your time gambling in the casinos and partying! Whale watching, fishing, and sailing are also top favs of this island.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Vancouver Island can get very cold and rainy in the winter – December through February. The warmer time to go is in the summer – June through September and spring/fall can bring low prices!