Watermelon Cay, US Virgin Islands – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Watermelon Cay

watermelon cay

Watermelon Cay is another place you may not have heard of. It is part of St. John of the US Virgin Islands and is a National Park.

How Do I Get There?

This cay is located in Leinster Bay. Guess what – snorkeling or swimming 10 minutes from St. John’s is how you arrive! There is an entrance on the eastern part of the cay as the waters are more shallow around the other sides. Grab your goggles and go!

What is There to Do?

Watermelon Cay is called one of the mecas of snorkeling in St. John. Most people snorkel over and around the cay when they’re going there. There is a reed surrounding it which is much deeper on the western and northern sides. Lots of sea grass and sealife surround it, such as octopus and eels! No hotels – you have to stay on St. John’s and enter the waters from Leinster Bay.

Climate and When to Come Visit

St. John is located in the Caribbean where winter (January through April) is the least humid and most clear, sunny skies of a forecast you can get. The summer is great too but as always, there is a risk of hurricanes.


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