Xiushan Island, China – Island Talk Tuesday

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If you google “islands with an X”, only one will come up –

About Xiushan Island


Yep, only island beginning with an “X”. Let’s go to China where it is located! Here’s the address – a very simple one – Xiushan IslandDaishan County 316200China. 

It’s a good spot for fishing, and rather small otherwise.

How Do I Get There?

Getting there is only by boat. You can take a ferry from Fenghoudun or catch a ride with some folks.

What is There to Do?


There are two parks on this island which are the best attractions. The Xiushan Island Sea-angling Park is located between the Jiuzi Sand beach and Sanjiao Sand Beach. There’s more than 20 types of shrimps in the seas, and a lot of marine life. 

Xiushan Island Sea-angling Park is perfect for leisure and resting. There’s many seashells to pick and it can be a good yoga retreat!

China Xiushan Island Mud Theme Park is located in the northwest of the Island and offers activities -you guessed it – in the mud!

Climate and When to Come Visit

The rainier season is from May to September. Keep that in mind, but otherwise you can go any time of the year.