Yakushima, Japan – Island Talk Tuesday

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As I dwindle down the alphabet, I can’t help but see that there are almost no islands for the “Y” category that have actual information on them except for a satellite view.

For a list, I went to Wikipedia, always helpful and listing what I would not find anywhere else. To see it, click here.

There is one such island though – Yakushima located in Japan.

About Yakushima

tpsdave / Pixabay

It lies within Japan as part of the Osumi Islands.  It is subtropical It is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Fun fact -Yakushima has been a test site for Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle research.

How Do I Get There?

Yakushima Airport provides air to the island five times daily or you can access it by slow car ferry. 

What is There to Do?

Besides subtropical adventures, the forests appear to be enchanting when visitors come to this island. There’s rocky and smooth beaches to explore along the coasts. Yakusugiland has many paths to walk along. If you’re an animal watcher, look out for loggerhead turtles and Japanese weasels!

Climate and When to Come Visit

It gets humid in Yakushima – primarily in the June to September months. June alone is very rainy – yep, only that month!