The Cave of the Winds Excursion at Niagara Falls

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The excursion of the Cave of the Winds takes place on the USA side of Niagara Falls. Only a few weeks ago, I was visiting both sides of the Falls. As beautiful as both sides were, only the US side has this excursion as opposed to Maid of the Mist which both Canada and the USA has.

cave 1

The Cave of the Winds costs about $10 and gets you a free pair of snap on sandals to take home! You might pay $11 if going with a tour group or less if you have a group for a discount.

You take an elevator to take down through a cave about 175 feet. You don’t spend time in the cave as you could have back in 1929 but it does get you to the near bottom of the Falls. The great part about this excursion is that you climb up this wooden made deck all on your own and there is no time limit! None whatsoever!

There are tons of rainbows if you come on a sunny day and you do get ponchos because you will get wet! I would have spent more time than I did if I didn’t have to leave for the Canadian border with my bus tour. Spend your time walking around and literally, soaking in the Falls.

cave 2

I could not say better things about the Cave of the Winds. Plus, on your walk over there are many gulls and baby gulls during the months of June and July – so cute!

cave 3