Hilton Head, South Carolina – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Hilton Head

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Hilton Head is a boat shaped type of an island and it is named after Captain William Hilton. The island is known as a famous beach resort town to visit in the summer months, which enjoyment throughout the entire year.

How Do I Get There?

There are flights to Hilton Head through JetBlue and regioanl carriers in the US. It is about a 45 minute drive from Savannah if coming by car.

What is There To Do?

Hilton Head screams rich, beach town. It is second largest to Long Island, NY yet many flock here for a vaca or time away.  There are 20+ gold courses -very reputable ones! Did I mention the 12 miles of beach to explore? You can engage in any activity, biking, sunsets, and family time is a fav here. Many family reunions take place and there’s many summer rentals.

Go for the marinas, seafood, and relaxation. Lots of history too and you can always take a trip to mainland South Carolina for a break if you’re looking for something busier for a few hours.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Hilton Head is in its’ high season June through August as it’s summer then. Children can come to family reunions and the weather and water is much more pleasant than in the winter. That’s the best time to come visit but if you got a place to stay, it will be a wonderful getaway no matter when you come.