Klein Curacao – Island Talk Tuesday

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As I continue to research and obsess over my trip to Curacao, I have been reading continuously about all the beaches on the island. Curacao has about 34 miles straight of snorkeling and scuba diving, so naturally, I also check out to see if there’s any small islands I could venture to off the mainland.

Klein Island is just that. Let’s take a sneak peek at this island, part of Curacao, and what it’s all about.

About Klein Island


Klein Island is located south-west of the mainland and is about 1 by 6 miles large. It has a reputation for snorkeling and for being a paradise undamaged by resorts.

How Do I Get There?

You will need a boat to take the 6 mile ride to Klein Island, either your own or set up a excursion with one of the dive shops. There’s multiple on the island and I will recommend one after my trip.

What is There to Do?


For most visitors to Curacao, they go for the beaches, family, or to party in Willemstad, the capital. Klein Island is visited for pure beach and water activities. There is 1/2 mile of pure white sand beach. There are no resorts or hotels! An abandoned lighthouse remains on the island. It’s reported that you will see many sea turtles ( I hope!) and lots of healthy coral.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Curacao is located near Aruba and Bonaire towards the southern end of the Caribbean. With its’ lucky location out of the hurricane belt zone, every time of the year is great to visit. October-November appears to be the cloudiest and January-April the clearest skies.

January-April will also be the most expensive as visitors flock from their winters, but there’s an abundance of places to stay on the island besides the brand name resorts. Check Airbnb, condos, inns, and apartment style rentals if you’re looking to go on a budget.

blue view

I just booked my stay through the Blue View Apartments, where I will get an entire 1 bedroom apartment, with kitchen, ocean view terrace, and full use of the resort, Rancho El Sobrino, which lies in the garden area behind the apartments. It’s not in the resort area, but it’s in another area of Curacao with other low-key resorts, and more snorkeling beaches that I personally want to explore.