Discovering the Riverfront in Philly by the Airport Area

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Whether you’re having a quick layover or a long stay-over in Philly, you might want to check out the riverfront as quickly as you run to the downtown area. Sure, the city has a lot to offer and Philly cheese-steaks can fill your lust for them, but the Delaware River that separates the area is one to take the time out for.

If you’re staying near the airport at the “Airport Hotels”, you will most likely find yourself off of Industrial Highway. Usually airport hotels don’t have much going on by them except for the hotel itself. In Philly, you will find that’s not it.

Take a stroll down Wanamker Avenue to experience the different side of Philadelphia. It will lead you to the Holiday Inn Express Airport, but behind it is where the wonder lies.

Walk around the hotel and you will come to the Delaware River. As wide as you can see, it goes on and on. Governor Printz Park is next door where you can picnic, go fishing, or just lay and watch the scenery. Many boats are docked and way back and forth in the river for you to gaze at.
For more to do than just enjoy the scenery with your mind, head to Twisted Oak American Bar & Grill, right next to the park! It’s a massive restaurant with multiple bars inside, an indoor and outdoor stage, outdoor bar, and decks around. It screams summer and vacation!

From the bar – many draft beers and drink specials. There’s a blackberry beer that many are fond of! Restaurant – lots of burgers, wings, salads, and appetizers. Yep, they do have healthy things on the menu. A great part of the menu is that every item has a beer and a wine pairing so you know exactly what compliments your choice of food.
A cocktail or glass of water in hand and you’re set. I went through 3 glasses of water during my time there and would have kept going! Looking into the distance made me forget about other things and I didn’t need anything else.

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5 Replies to “Discovering the Riverfront in Philly by the Airport Area”

  1. Chanel | Cultural Xplorer says:

    So much to do by the waterfront. I have been to Philly a couple of times now and to the waterfront twice but I have not taken advantage of really spending time there. Next time I go back I will make sure to enjoy it!

  2. We have not been to Philadelphia yet, but will definitely bear this in mind if we ever do go there. Airport areas tend to be a bit boring, with not much to do or see except the airport itself. The Governor Printz Park looks great!

    1. That’s what I thought about most airport hotels! Apparently, many are more fun than we think. I will not cross them off the list so quickly as I have.

  3. Who knew there was this much close to the Philly airport? I’ve been to a spot on the river there before and it was a lot of fun and it sounds like this area also offers a good time. Great to know the next time I’m in town.

    1. You’re welcome! I want to go back too, it was so fun.

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