St. Croix, USVI – Island Talk Tuesday

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St. Croix might be my next stop after Puerto Rico – so why not explore what we can all do there?

About St. Croix

St. croix


St. Croix is one of the three US Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean. Out of all three, it is the least busiest for tourists and the most naturistic. It is also the largest of the 3 – 28 miles by 7 miles.

How Do I Get There?

Many airlines fly to St. Croix – American, Jet Blue, United and US Airways.  You can also get there by ferry from St. John’s or St. Thomas, take your pick!  These are all under 2 hour rides and it’s  a way to island hop the USVI in general.

What is There to Do?

salt river

From many television show sightings of Sr. Croix, it appears to be that there are many beaches untouched on this USVI! Did I mention the lush rainforests?

Christiansted is the main city on the island, yet it feels small.

Buck Island is a major point for sailboats as it’s a National Park – perfect for all water activities and healthy reefs! The Salt River National Park offers pre-historic ruins to explore. For a “Fort” sight, go to Fort Christiansvaern.

Crucian Christmas Festival is the biggest festival and party season in late December into early January.

To see a lot more, rent out a car or hop on the public bus, VITRAN, to explore the island.

Beaches are a many and so is shopping, as many items are home-made here.

Climate and When to Come Visit

With St. Croix in the way of the hurricanes paths, it’s a hit or miss from July-October. A hurricane may come through or it may not. The best times to visit is January-April. Keep watch on current news for any storms or threats weather-wise.