A Day on the Island of Nantucket

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If you’ve heard of Nantucket,  you probably think of Martha’s Vineyard also. Both are located in Massachusetts and there’s a saying that it’s a mix of apples and oranges when it comes to the crowd. Celebrities flocking to Martha’s Vineyard and yacht owners to Nantucket. My friend had Jodie Foster on her flight to MV so must be somewhat true… but not fully!


Nantucket can be for everyone if you find a good price at the hotels or have a house to stay at. Summer is premium time to go so premium is what you will pay for the experiende and hot weather. I haven’t stayed in Martha’s Vineyard but I can certainly confirm there are a lot of yachts parked at Nantucket!

Visiting Nantucket as being nobody rich or famous, I can tell you how it appeared to me and how I spent my time there if you’re also thinking of visiting.

First off, Nantucket reminds me of Fire Island back in NY ( for all of you who have been, you know what I’m talking about) . Rich smell of the beach and woods, lots of bikers, and a lighthouse. There’s actually numerous roads for cars so getting around is easy and fun.


The airport is about a 15 minute ride to downtown. I stayed at the Nantucket inn Inn, which was like an oasis and a two minute walk to the airport. Many other families and young adults stayed too. It might be the quiet, southern hospitality feel of it or the free rides to the beach and downtown! I’d rather stick with this private inn on 3 acres of land than be by the busy area. You know it won’t get loud at night at all and you have the  plush gardens to hang out too.


Once you go downtown, it’s a whole other busy world. It feels like everyone is on vacation (and they most likely are). There’s families walking their dogs, all dressed up, vacationers sipping cold drinks out of the open bars, roaming up and down the blocks, and seafood everywhere!

Like other beach towns, there are many souvenir shops and small boutiques. The local businesses make great money and offer beautiful gifts for the home or your beach outfit. I so recommed you buy a box of salt taffy!


One of the best places to grab food or a drink is at the Tavern a few blocks from the marina, with a rooftop. You get to people watch endlessly as you also see people forming a line for the ferry back to the mainland. There is also theit famous Gazebo Bar where you go to party at day or night. Let’s just say the adults were having a granf time there at 3pm while I was kicking back with some oysters and fish. Back to the dogs people bring – so cute!


Not too many attractions downtown but there is the Whale Museum that makes the list. You can see different artwork, history and videos for $20 from 10am -5pm most days and the ladies that keep the place running are very sweet.

For the beach, it’s not downtown, but there are many bike rental spots to get a bike and take yourself there.  The marina is downtown, which includes the ferry but is a major point for all the gazillion dollar yachts that come to the island. Gazing at the boats (or partying on one if you’re a VIP or lucky) is a highlight. If you don’t know anyone with a boat, just admire their beauties.


Can you really spend a day in downtown Nantucket? Sure, you can see a lot by walking. It is more fun when you can spend the night and have a bit more time to do those extra sights, bike ride, or add a beach to your day.

I hope I get to go back before the  season is over. If not, then until next summer Nantucket!