Visiting the Donkey Sanctuary in Aruba

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It’s been a year since I went to Aruba and my friends are returning this year, at this very moment!

Besides the mention of the white sand beaches, we remembered one of our short, but truelly enjoyable, excursions to the Donkey Sanctuary. If you’re an animal lover, you will love this place and you’re able to adopt a donkey to help out.

donkey 1

The Donkey Sanctuary is located on road Santa Lucia 4A in Santa Cruz, Aruba. You can get there by renting a car and driving down Route 4A from the hotels. Four wheelers make it easier as you do take a ride through the desert – either way prepared to get dusty from the sand! Pass the Ayo Rock formation (you will see a sign) and keep going until you reach it.

It was established in 1997 as a non-profit and it’s completely run by volunteers. The people of Aruba used donkeys for transportation often in the past, before cars existed. Without further use of them, they actually contacted a deadly disease and began to become extinct in the 1970’s, and there was the case of being mistreated.

donkey 2

The Aim – to save the donkeys!

Now, you can visit the Donkey Sanctuary to feed and pet the donkeys! There are over 100, and it seems like they’re everywhere when you’re there. You can walk around (in designated areas of course) or be on the porch feeding them. Purchase a few bags of food and stay as long as you want. When I visited, the donkeys were very sweet and friendly. Look how close I am to them and they were no bother to me snapping a picture either.

donkey 3

The Donkey Sanctuary is always open to new volunteers, check out their page for detailed info where they introduce what tasks you will do with the donkeys and sanctuary.

Another way to help is to adopt a donkey through their Adoption Program, you can adopt one for about $200 per year or become a “Friend” of the Aruban Donkeys for about $75. They’re so cute.

donkey 4

With so many different animals that need help in the world, Aruba really appreciates the visitors and help they receive. All the volunteers are welcoming and they have a gift shop and snack area in the area too . Come visit the donkeys and come play with them!


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8 Replies to “Visiting the Donkey Sanctuary in Aruba”

  1. wonderful!!I love donkeys and this donkey sanctuary looks amazing. There’s also a great donkey sanctuary on the neighboring island of Bonaire! 🙂

  2. […] an ATV and wondering into the lands and streets off the resort, helping animals, such as in the Donkey Sanctuary in Aruba, and buying food from the locals who sometimes are outside with just a grill and food stand […]

  3. Oh my gosh, how adorable! I love that adoption program.

    1. I think they did a great job with their program!

  4. Hello, on behalf of Christa, host of The Sunday Traveler, I was stopping by to check out your article. I recently learned of the existence of these places and I think it so wonderful they have them.

  5. Aww such cute donkeys! What a cool experience.

  6. hi! Following from SundayTraveler! This post caught my eye because I’m a HUGE animal lover, and I probably would convince my bf to spend the day with me at the donkey sanctuary should we ever go to Aruba, lol! They look so sweet and I’m glad there are people helping the donkeys!

    1. I totally agree! I lovw animals yet I don’t have any because I’m not around enough to care for them as they should be. But visiting, feeding, and adopting from other spots makes me feel as if Im helping in the way I can! They are so adorable. I got a cup with donkeys today from a bartendet, it must be a sign

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