Nonsuch Island, Bermuda – Island Talk Tuesday

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This island produces a challenge for visiting, if you’re looking for something different (and a challenge) try this one out!

About Nonsuch Island

Nonsuch Island is located in Bermuda. A funny name it has doesn’t it?  It is part of the Castle Harbour Islands Nature Reserve and can be reached by having a permit and confirmation of permission to visit.

How Do I Get There?

Nonsuch Island is located at the east end of Bermuda in St. George’s Parish. It’s a sanctuary for the wild so you must contact the Terrestrial Conservation Officer at the Department of Conservation Services to visit here. You will need to take a boat to get onto the island.

What is There to Do?


Since Nonsuch Island is a wild sanctuary, it holds certain species alive without being extinct or destroyed by humans. The main goal to visit the unspoiled area.

The petrel is Bermuda’s national bird and it was saved on this island from extinction.

Fun fact – Nonsuch used to be an isolation center for yellow fever. An actual quarantine hospital existed on the island. There is a tiny cemetary on the island. Now the island continues to be in the “Living Museum” project state to restore it fully to what it once was.

Climate and When to Come Visit

Bermuda has a comfortable climate year round. I advise you to seek a permit first and check when the island is open for visiting. This year for example, it was closed during July and August for visitation.

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