A Morning in the French Neighborhood of Pointe-Claire in Canada


Last week, I was lucky to spend a morning in the suburb of Montreal called – Pointe-Claire. As much as I wanted to head to downtown Montreal, I took it upon myself to explore my surroundings. I arrived late the night before (1am!) but had the next half-day before flying out again so I got up real early!

First off, Pointe-Claire is a suburb of Montreal in Quebec. It is mostly residential but I was surprised at how much I could see in a matter of hours. There are three main train stations and four buses that can get you into the neighborhood.
I stayed at the Holiday Inn which was so much more luxurious than any Holiday Inn ever in the USA… lots of glamour and perfect service in my opinion. I loved being greeted with “Bonjour!” I really felt like I was in France.

The Holiday Inn is close to many other hotels in the area and walking distance to Boulevard Saint-Jean which seems to have everything I needed. Down my stroll of the Boulevard, I started to pass a lot of shops and shopping centers.
The Fairview Pointe-Claire is the big shopping mall you come across which has many name brand shops and French boutiques. I didn’t shop at all this time, but maybe next for some winter attire.

I am always set to get a good meal and I enjoyed an Italian and French one at Scarolie’s. The escargo came in 3 different choices of sauces and I went for the fried eggplant with 3 cheese.



When researching my options, there were many French and Italian restaurants to choose from – such as Restaurant Le Chamblain, Calistoga, and Gigi. Some were close to the waterfront, which would have been a 1 hour walk on foot, but the scenery would have been worth it. Lake St.-Louis lies right on the south end of Pointe-Claire.

Stay tuned – I return to Pointe-Claire in September and will have more information on the waterfront and downtown Montreal!

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4 Replies to “A Morning in the French Neighborhood of Pointe-Claire in Canada”

  1. I’ve only been to Montreal downtown and never been to Pointe-Claire so I really don’t know anything about it! Maybe next time when I return to the area! Thanks for linking up to #WeekendWanderlust!

  2. The food looks very appetizing. Two of my best friends are from Montreal and I’ve never visited. I’ll definitely have to check out Pointe-Claire when we go. Thanks for linking up this week to #WeekendWanderlust.

    1. The food was mouth watering! Post what you eat when you go as well so I can see 🙂

  3. I’ve always seen the signs for Pointe-Claire whenever I visit Montreal, but have yet to spend any time there. Looks like there’s some great food there, but can’t say I’m too surprised: the restaurant scene in Montreal is excellent! Will definitely have to try to stroll around there a little next time I’m over there 🙂

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