Visiting Bob Marley’s Masoleum in 9 Mile, Jamaica

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Bob Marley is such an iconic person of the country, Jamaica. He is still everywhere as his songs are played all the time continuously. His passing in May of 1981 was due to cancer. As a memorium, the Bob Marley Masoleum was formed for Jamaicans and all visitors to visit his grave, his family’s grave, and his home in 9 Mile, Jamaica.

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Where is the Masoleum located?

9 Mile is the name of the town where the Masoleum is located. From Ocho Rios, it is about a 2 hour drive up and through the hills, past the city of St. Ann. 9 Mile is Bob Marley’s birthtown and the Masoleum is still managed by his family members. You can arrange most tours with hotels for about $85 or through local guides. I and my bf went with a local guide we met on our beach who also took us too Dunns River Falls. (We got recommendations from the other hotel guests and spent 2 days hanging out with him first!)

What to Expect at Bob Marley Masoleum

After the drive you take through the hills, you enter the Masoleum site, which begins with gardens of flowers and fruits.


Be cautious – There will be many locals selling you marijuana joints or passing them out for “free” and then expect you to pay them later. They will find you as we saw them grabbing other people for their “tip” at the end of the tour.

The Masoleum is located on a beautiful hill where you will be told of Bob Marley’s life and insights into his family’s life. You will be able to enter his grave site as well as his home. Pay your respects and be respectful. If the guides tell you to not touch something – don’t touch it. If the guides tell you it’s ok, go ahead!

The Masoleum Grounds

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In all of the area, you will see yellow, green, and black colors and Rastafari everywhere. The house Bob Marley was born in is composed of two rooms, no more than about 300 sq feet – these make up the two Masoleums. There is a kitchen outdoors and a fire pit. You can see notes left on the walls as letters to the “prophet”.

You will first visit Bob Marley’s mothers’ Masoleum. Supposedly, if a female  enters his mothers’ room, she will be blessed with many children.

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Secondly, you will visit Bob’s site. His crypt is on the bottom, and his brother’s is on top. Such was his mothers’ wish that they be buried together.

There is a restaurant and a gift shop on the premises. Entrance alone, if separate from paying your tour guide, is about $18 USD.

This tour was one of my favorite parts of my trip to Jamaica. Not only did I get to see Bob Marley’s grave, but the travel to the Masoleum site showed me real Jamaica, the gorgeous hills, villages, and how the people live outside the resort grounds.

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  1. This tour was one of a kind cuz there’s only one Bob Marley! You should all do it one day

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    It is good to getaway from a resort for a while and explore to see the local area. We did that in Mexico and loved it. What a fun tour to take, I love his music!

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    That sounds brilliant! Such an interesting guy. Great tips too! 🙂

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