Vanau Levu, Fiji – Island Talk Tuesday

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About Vanau Levu

Fiji has many islands, let’s take a look at this one which is less touristy and more for the adventurous individual. Compared to the other Fijian islands, this island has accommodations on a more budget friendly (and backpacker) price!

Vanau Levu is also the second biggest island in the chain of the Fiji islands.

vanau levu

How Do I Get There?

By plane, you must first reach the capital of Fiji – Nadi. There are two flights daily run by Pacific Sun airlines leaving from Nadi or a nearby island called Taveuni. The island of Natuvu has a ferry that runs 3 days per week – Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Beachcomber Cruises also operates 3 days per week, weather permitting of course!

What is There to Do?

fiji town

On a tropical island, you do what anyone does – love life on the island. Whether you want to relax, party, beach it, or sleep on the beach, it all goes! Dive spots are all around this island. There are dolphin watching tours provided by the locals or resorts to a nearby cay where they are frequently seen.

Labasa and Savusavu are the two major towns on the island. With a population of 130,000 people, this is not an island to go to if you want to be alone.

Venture out of the towns into the mountains and you will find numerous waterfalls and forests to hike through. Besides this, enjoy the sun and spend time with the locals, they have a very unique culture with their tribe, songs, customs, and celebrations.

Climate and When to Come Visit

The temps in Fiji hardly drop to cold or below the 60’s Farenheit. There is a “wet” season which runs from November through April where there are more frequent storms passing. The dryer climate is May through October.